Business Investigation Guide

Business Investigation Guide

The document which should download from the above link is a basic guide to the reference books commonly used for researching companies, their directors together with qualitative and quantitative data that can form the basis of an investigative analysis.

Although the books are available on-line they are usually restricted by subscription services, however, most of them are available in the Library and some of them, such has Who’s Who, can be found in local Libraries or even picked up second hand.

At the beginning it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some of the books, what they can provide you with and what they can offer you as an investigative researcher.  An initial difficulty can be gaining an understanding of the basic structure of a company, how it might relate to other institutions and corporate entities and what it actually does —these reference books are a good place to start to demystify this and the terminology involved.

They are not difficult to use —the business community need to know up-to-the-minute and accurate information, and essentially these reference book provide that: but they can also be used by the investigative researcher to outline interlocking directorates, disguised ownership, shareholdings and many other aspects of the Corporate world together with basic background and historical information.


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